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Light, Color, Action!

"Art Space in Miami Shines Through the Darkness"

Written By Cynthia Lechan-Goodman


A haven of art was born in the gritty Miami neighborhood of little Haiti and has become a safe, precious, and thriving location ever since. Founder, Rachel Hughes, with her steadfast Zen-type wisdom, and artist, Veronica Rivera, emoting the intensity of her love and passion, have created a place that is more than just a gallery or an art school. They have created an artistic oasis.

As an artist, Maria Cecilia Santos began painting at the tender age of 6. Since then, her love for art and life has surpassed all the challenges that came with the loss of her sight, all while still being able to achieve success within both her personal and professional life as a woman.

Art Spot:

"Gallery Events With A Purpose"


Art Spot is an art studio turned Gallery on occasion, when “art” meets “reaching out”. Begun as a studio by Clara Albarracin, a Colombian seasoned artist, in conjunction with Patty Valero, a Mexican artist in training, the studio would become a place that would reach beyond a regular art class setting and allow its students to expose their art to the community, as well as invite other artists from the area to participate. Their concept of sharing in a synergistic way, to create an enriching experience for all, was so successful that the following year students joined art guilds, were able to be in other shows and held a charity event where students, local artists and recognized professional artists converged to bring a quality event to the community and to create social wellbeing.

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