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Reel World

Josh Grossberg:

"A Bridge of Life" 

Finding Our Way Home

Written By Rachel Galvin


When NYU student Josh Grossberg traveled to the Astrodome in New Orleans as a volunteer with the Jewish student organization Hillel to help those stranded there after Hurricane Katrina, he didn’t realize the implications. With camera in hand, he captured the stories of many, but focused primarily on the journey of one, Dan Sheffer.

BBQ Films:

Bringing Films To Life

Written By Rachel Galvin


What if instead of going to the cinema to escape reality, the cinematic experience became reality?  That is the mission of a New York based creative team at BBQ Films. For them, the film is only part of the production. They create a cinematic playground, an immersive experience with a party atmosphere that allows guests to experience scenes from the movie in real life.

Reel World:

"13-year-old Rachel Wheeler raises a village"

By Rachel Galvin


It may take a village to raise a child, but is it possible that a child can raise a village? If that child is 13-year-old Rachel Wheeler, then the answer is a resounding “Yes.”


"Hecho a Mano"

Written By Rachel Galvin


For the subjects of the documentary “Hecho a Mano,” creating art from their hands is their passion. These four Cuban immigrants tell their tale not only of coming to America and making a new life here, but also the daily discipline of perfecting their craft. This film, created by a team including director/producer Brett O’Bourke and writer/ producer Gaspar González is a unique glimpse into the Cuban experience.

Israel Dayan:

"Art Imitating Life"

Written By Rachel Galvin


Israel Dayan knows everything about “Art Imitating Life”. A visual artist and documentary filmmaker who came to America at the age of 24, Israel spent the better part of his life learning how to mentor young students through the medium of filmmaking. Born and raised in Israel, and having spent many years teaching television production and managing a local television station, it was his work in the Joint Distribution Committee of Jerusalem in a special program helping youth and new young immigrants from Russia adjust to the new country that convinced him to launch Orange Stain (, a truly innovative program rapidly gaining momentum in Israel and the United States.

Billy Corben:

"A Cut Above The Rest"

Written By Rachel Galvin


With very little patience for the “development hell” (the lengthy time it takes to get a film off the ground) often intrinsic to the Hollywood scene, filmmaker Billy Corben is content to do it himself. “We are very production oriented,” he says.

Reel World:

Despite Tugs From Tinseltown, 

Director Brian Hecker Still Calls Hollywood, Florida Home

Written By Rachel Galvin


Hollywood, Florida born director Brian Hecker, who won Best New Director at the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival, is ready to release his first feature film Bart Got a Room ( in April here in Florida, in Los Angeles and in New York to start. Based on his own life, this comical tale follows a young high schooler, Danny, and his quest to find a date for the prom. While dealing with his divorced parents dating, he tried to find his own way to face rejection and ultimately find happiness in an unlikely realm.

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