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Emerging Artists

Melina Almodovar


Best known for her soulful singing and songs like “Where the Boys Are,” “Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool” and “Stupid Cupid,” Connie Francis got her start at age 3, beginning with taking accordion lessons. The road was rocky … but she got her big break on January 1, 1958 when Dick Clark played her song “Who’s Sorry Now” on American Bandstand.

El Chino Dreadlion


With the rhythm of Cuba running through his blood this singer/songwriter will make you move to the contagious songs of his new album “No Hay Mal Que Por Bien No Venga.” El Chino Dread Lion came to South Florida with a purpose: spread his music and make people happy through the positive energy of his music.


Ellen Busktel


Hailed by two-time Grammy Award winner Michael Bolton as “an amazing artist and spirit”, Ellen Bukstel, multi–faceted singer-songwriter from Fort Lauderdale, Fl., brings hope, laughter, tears, biting wit and inspiration to her music. Providing a voice for survivors and victims of domestic violence, her community activism, combined with extraordinary musical talents and insightful lyrics, makes Ellen Bukstel a force to reckon with.



The words of every song he writes come from deep down in his soul and have made him who he is today: an MC with an awful lot of messages to deliver. And he’s delivering them to the masses.As an opening act for famous R&B artist, Clara, performing in front of 6,000 people, Tyrone, the typhoon, from Orlando, Fl., is blowin’ it up in the music industry.



Having already taken France by “Storm”, daughter of legendary folk hero Jonathan Edwards (“Sunshine, Go Away Again”), delighted audiences at her recent concert at Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Hosting her official USA launch, DUO Magazine took a few moments to learn about this gifted artist and passionate philanthropist, a woman who is most certainly beautiful… inside and out.

Winds of Attraction The Sultry Sounds of



Music is the true magic. Like magnetism it reaches into us and we can’t help or stop our inner eaches from pulling us into that music—that metimes sound is purely nature—other times it is the human use of an instrument that makes nature vibrate with certain sound. One person with magic magnetism in his soul that he uses on his sax is Aaron Bing.



Give the ladies a great looking sexy young guy with a six pack and a smile to kill and they melt. Give the guy a voice on top of that and you have hungry wolves ready to pounce on his CD the minute it hits the market. And that day is just around the corner. Elijah, rising R&B star, managed by VIP Music, is one of Florida’s latest music success stories with something for everyone. His fresh new style will get you fellas bumping a hard beat, get the lovers romancing to the alluring sensual sounds and will drive the club hoppers jumping to their feet.

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Written By South Beach Annie


Emeril Lagasse is to restaurants what Baccarat is to crystal. And, like fine crystal, Emeril’s décor and cuisine are elegant, not only to the eye, but also to the palate. When delighting in Lagasse’s creations you will find that, each culinary interpretation has a twist of flavor mixing southern charm with Louisiana spice. I’ve had the opportunity to dine at Emeril’s restaurants in New Orleans, Orlando, and somewhat frequently in my own backyard on South Beach. Each of them has their own charm and specialty. Emeril’s on South Beach has Caribbean flavor with Lagasse’s flair for taste and delicious temptations. 

Emeril Lagasse

Behind The Scene of Your Favorite Cuisine

"The Alpha-1 Foundation" 

Written By South Beach Annie


When John Kushner, commercial realtor, walked in to the Commander’s Palace in New Orleans and befriended head chef Emeril Lagasse he probably never dreamt that this new friendship would ultimately lead not only to the pain of loss but to the hope for tomorrow. The Alpha-1 disease that claimed John’s life in 2005 would suddenly become the driving force behind the efforts of Emeril to raise funds for research to eradicate the Alpha-1Antitrypsin Deficiency. 

Sushi Samba

Sushi Samba

"A South Beach Experience"

Written By South Beach Annie


Sushi Samba, as the name implies, is a fusion of Brazilian and Japanese cuisine. The décor is a lovely orange, green, and natural wood design reflective of the harmonious use of space from Japan, the joy of life from Brazil, and the trendiness of South Beach. As you walk in, the ambiance is filled with the sounds of Samba music and you will be welcomed in by the friendly, and quite gorgeous, we may add, host ready to seat you immediately.

Barton G

Barton G:

"Wine and Dine in Amusing Design"

Written By South Beach Annie


When driving down West Avenue, just a couple of blocks from Lincoln Road, the unsuspecting driver might just miss one of South Beach’s most enticing experiences. Barton G. restaurant is a happening within itself. Upon entering the garden gates a visitor is welcomed by fresh, smiling faces eager to introduce a newcomer into a habitat of their own creation. Everyone who works at the restaurant is an integral part of the plan, creating an ambiance of fine dining, creativity, and fabulousness.

Kids Hear Know Foundation

The Barton G Kids Hear Know Foundation

Written By South Beach Annie


Medical statistics report more than 2,000 deaf children are born every year in the U.S. alone, making deafness our nation’s most common birth defect. This year, Barton G. Weiss launched The Barton G. Kids Hear Now Foundation ( created to enable hearing challenged children to develop the ability to listen and speak with others. 

Dan Marino's Restaurant

Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite Cuisine

The Dan Marino Foundation

Written By Cynthia Goodman


Many of us have heart-grabbing fears, and a general lack of knowledge when we hear the word autism, especially if we have, or are about to have, children. One in 100 children are diagnosed with autism. Yet the condition is still largely misunderstood. Fortunately, that is changing, thanks in large part to one of our own, Dan Marino.

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