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Susan ‘Susie Q’ Wood describes her current artwork as “quantum expression,” a reflection of the energy of life itself – the energy of all things. Her artistry seems to be ever-evolving, much like “Calliope,” her painting that is never-ending.



Born and raised in South Florida, Nathan Delinois has been crafting his art for as long as he remembers. Taking part in many exhibitions, winning a long list of awards, and having his artwork selected for an American & Russian Art Exchange, he definitely is no stranger to the art scene. 

Barry Gross




Urayoán “Yoa” Ruiz Panaeque


Urayoán “YOA” Ruiz, a graduate of Florida International University, attributes his motivation, enrichment, and strong sense of identity to his family in Puerto Rico and Cuba who brought him up to appreciate and acknowledge, with great pride, his Hispanic roots.

Lance “Alanza” Clarke


Lance “Alanza” Clarke, found his love for art at the age of 10. He went on to acquire an Associate Degree in Fine Arts.


Robin White


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