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DUO Applauds

Lexi Lehrman



When  I  was  8  years old  I  walked  into a   Dunkin   Donuts shop with my mom. We   were  ordering jelly doughnuts for a holiday when I spotted a pink doughnut. Pink being my favorite color, I knew I had to have it. On my way home enjoying the delicious pink doughnut, I began to think to myself “everybody loves doughnuts why don’t they use them to raise money for a good cause?” That’s when I spotted a pink breast cancer license plate and thought to myself “pink license plate, pink doughnut!” That’s  what  they  can  raise  money  for! Breast cancer! And I began to wonder why I should wait for someone else to do it? What about me?  So when my mother and I got home we went online and found the Susan G.  Komen(  race  for  the cure and contacted them. Within a couple of  weeks they set up the Friends Asking Friends Program where I could make a team page and raise money and that is where the Love Lexi fund was created. The support from my friends and family was tremendous everyone was so supportive. I am now 15 years old and I have been raising money for seven years now, wow seven, I can’t believe it! It sounds so much longer than it felt.

Linebacker Gives Back...Line By Line:

"The Twan Russell Life Skills and Reading Foundation"

Written By Patrick DeCarlo


Dividing his time between play books and books for playtime, Twan Russell, Founder of The Russell Life Skills and Reading Foundation, found a new team to dedicate his passion and dedication to…kids. What could possibly inspire this former Miami Dolphins linebacker to enjoy the squeals of the children in the classroom as much, if not more, than he adored the cheers of his fans from the stands?

Reconceptualizing Stephenson

Written By Dwayne Stephenson, Son of Forme Miami Dolphins Center, Dwight Stephenson


In a world replete with smoke and mirrors, the misconceptions are abounding.


Here’s one—


“The legend of Superman ended when Christopher Reeve fell from his horse.” No, if anything, the legend of the true super man had just began. Faced by the limitations of his paralysis, Reeve could have very well spent the rest of his days moping around in his wheelchair. Instead, Reeve took the high road, serving as a voice for the paralyzed, lobbying on behalf of those with spinal cord injuries and for human embryonic stem cell research; a feat far more impressive than that of his feeble on-screen character, who would weep at the very sight of kryptonite.

Linda Bowman:

"Defying the odds with every breath"

Written By Stu Opperman


The specter of death has been a constant companion for nearly all of Linda Bowman’s 48 years. At the age of three, doctors hit Linda’s parents with a devastating prognosis: “Your child has a genetic condition,” they reported, “and likely won’t live to see her 9th birthday.”

World Aids Museum

Aids-ucating, Enlightening and Empowering

Written By Jordi Burton


Hailed by two-time Grammy Award winner Michael Bolton as “an amazing artist and spirit”, Ellen Bukstel, multi–faceted singer-songwriter from Fort Lauderdale, Fl., brings hope, laughter, tears, biting wit and inspiration to her music. Providing a voice for survivors and victims of domestic violence, her community activism, combined with extraordinary musical talents and insightful lyrics, makes Ellen Bukstel a force to reckon with.

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