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Martine Longchamp carries on her brother's legacy through Diakonos International, helping improve the lives of Haiti's youth through art.

By Kendyl Counts

DUO has the scoop on the founder of Diakonos International Inc. Find out why she began the organization and what it's doing today to make the world a better place.

Beauty and Brains

Miss Black Florida Leyanis Diaz uses her platforms in pageantry and journalism to empower minorities

By Kendyl Counts

DUO interviewed Miss Black Florida Leyanis Diaz to find out how she uses journalism, pageantry, and various organizations to advocate for the improved health, education, and social standing of minorities.

Alonzo Mourning:

"A South Florida Hero"


DUO Magazine sat down with Alonzo Mourning, professional basketball player, founder of the Alonzo Mourning Charities, husband and father extraordinaire, to discuss his perspectives on life, love, and his pursuit to bring happiness to the South Florida Community.

Jason Cooper:

The Unsung Hero Behhind The Hero 


After earning the all-time tackle record playing football at Western Michigan University, Wisconsin native John Offerdahl was drafted in the second round by the Miami Dolphins. He played for eight years under coaching great Don Shula and alongside legendary quarterback, Dan Marino. John was named NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year (1986) and voted to the Pro Bowl five times (1986-1990) in his career.


Rick Shaw:

A Radio Legend Dedicated To Helping Children

Written By Linda Firestone


The first Saturday of 1964, 12:00 noon, DJ Rick Shaw was on the air when a special delivery package with a record of a new song from an emerging super group from England is delivered to the station. James Dunlap, music director, at WQAM instructed him to put it on the air. Rick put it on the turntable and introduced the new song. Thirty seconds into the song all the request lines began to ring. “What is the name of that song you are playing?” “I Want to Hold Your Hand” was the start of history in the making. At that moment Rick Shaw could never have known that he would become as much a legend in South Florida as the Beatles would become to the world.

Gibson Sylvestre:

The Global Guy with the "Giver's High"


At first conversation with this soft-spoken gentle man one would never know the powerhouse lurking within. A fearless and courageous philanthropist who “does it first and asks for permission later”, Gibson Sylvestre, founder of Gibson Sylvestre Global Outreach, Inc.(www., remains ever so unsung in his global endeavors to positively impact communities around the world. A quote Gibson lives by is from Mother Teresa who said, “A life not lived for others is not worth living.” Having experienced educational challenges throughout childhood, Gibson vows to do whatever he can to influence underprivileged youth, and he does so with the momentum of a moving train…rapidly traveling throughout various ports of call leaving footprints of miracles upon departure.

Shirley Sumner


Shirley is definitely a thrillanthropist, and gets great pleasure out of giving back. Born in North Florida Shirley and her husband moved to Broward County, where Shirley, became a successful entrepreneur as the owner of Sumner’s Dress & Bridal Shops. She got very involved in politics and developed a passion for helping good candidates get elected. She was a great organizer and was called upon by so many to put gatherings together, phone banks, election day efforts, and recruiting members and other volunteers. She donated her time and resources as her commitment to giving.

Roshawn Banks


Attorney Banks has spearheaded many community service projects in the county including a senior prom with the Northwest Federated Senior Center and Thanksgiving lunch with the children of the Dillard Child Care Center. Inside the Mizell library, Roshawn Banks conducted legal redress clinics for Broward County citizens. She actively participated in Rights Restoration clinics in Hollywood, Pompano Beach, and Fort Lauderdale.

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