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Kyle Lograsso Tees Off Against Retinoblastoma

By Cat Wagman


Viewed from the gallery, many spectators stand in amazement as they watch 11-year-old Kyle Lograsso confidently approach the tee. From the power of his swing to the ease of his follow through, Kyle sends the ball flying high and long, straight down the fairway. With his father, Jeff, as his caddy, Kyle strolls down the fairway to take his next shot, so he can put his ball even closer to the green and the waving flag marking the cup.

Frank Nieves:

"Giving Back With Flare"

Written By Steve Goodman


What happens to a New York native, raised in Puerto Rico, who becomes a percussionist at the age of 12? What does one do with the rest of his life when he’s already had the honor of playing with Salsa singers and bands such as Cheo Feliciano, Santos Colon, Ismael Miranda, Daniel Santos, Roberto Anglero and Claudio Ferrori? Having had the opportunity to learn the custom and culture of the Hispanics as he traveled the U.S. mainland and the Caribbean, Frank Nieves chose the obvious path, which was to spend the next ten years of his life sharing his entrepreneurial skills, his love of life and appreciation of music, and his devoted friendship with the Latin and Hispanic community.

Myrna and Sheldon Palley:

"A Touch Of Glass"

Written By Linda M. Firestone, PhD


A Touch Of Glass There is nothing more precious than a love that not only spans decades but is selfless enough to share itself with others. And there is nothing that illuminates with more beauty and grace than the prisms of the art glass that light up the lives of their generous providers. The Miami and International art world would forever be affected by the joining of forces of two University of Miami students, he studying to be an attorney and she an artist.

Steve Nieves:

"The Unsung Hero Behind The Hero"


Nobody knows what it is like to be the ultimate volunteer than Steve Nieves, older brother, mentor and confidante of Frank Nieves. When brother Jose went off to fight in the Vietnam War,Steve volunteered to serve just to ensure his brother returned to the States knowing that two sons were not allowed to serve simultaneously. His plan, although a truly selfless one, did not work and both brothers continued to serve. Steve, a member of the 4th Infantry, not only was a cook, serving many meals on the front line, but he was also an expert sharpshooter until an injury to his finger sent him home.

Global Warming:

"A Superwoman Bringing Warmth Around The Globe"

Written By Debbie Nyman


Roslyn Parker has a unique way of turning around difficult or challenging situations into positive experiences. With her cover girl looks and professional confidence, but especially her big heart, Roslyn is living to give.

Tony Segreto:

South Florida’s “Man For All Seasons”

Written By Steve Goodman


If you are one of those who lived through the devastation of Hurricane Andrew back in 1992, then you probably know Tony Segreto. With all other transmission towers damaged in the tremendous storm, only WTVJ, NBC Miami, remained on the air. For many, in a world plunged into chaos, Tony and his collegues Kelly Craig and Brian Norcross were the only were the only contact with sanity and the outside world.


William Faloon and The Life Extension Foundation

Written By Steve Goodman


Not too long ago Cambridge University geneticist Aubrey de Grey astounded the world by saying, “The first person to live to be 1,000 years old is certainly alive today …whether they realize it or not. Barring accidents and suicide, most people now 40 years or younger can expect to live for centuries.”

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