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Gloria and Emilio Estefan:

"A Powerful DUO Doing It All"

Wittern By Francesca Franco



With careers that span more than 34 years there is little to be said about Gloria and Emilio Estefan that hasn’t been said already. Ask them to interview each other and here’s the answer you’ll get:“Oh God, we’ve been asked every question imaginable!”

Louis Aguirre and Lynn Martínez

"The Dynamic DUO"

Written By Francesca Franco


“You are out of control! A woman is supposed to hog the camera! You are worse than a woman! Thank God, I’m patient!” Lynn Martinez exclaims. “It takes me 30 seconds to check my look in the camera! It takes you a full five minutes!” cries Louis Aguirre in protest. “You are so lying! Oh, my God, that’s you! You’re describing yourself! Everybody knows that!”

Romero Britto:

"Of Guava Trees and Happiness"

Written By Francesca Franco


Imagine this: the sun beats down, music plays somewhere in the distance, insects buzz, the air is heavy and sweet. And there, under a guava tree, sits a boy. A boy that will one day become the man, the artist, Romero Britto, one of Miami’s most famous residents. But on this day, none of that matters. This day, like so many others before and after, he’s just a boy, sitting under a guava tree, drawing.


The Miami Dancing Heat

"A Typical Day in the life of a Miami Heat Dancer"

Written by Francesca Franco


A typical day in the life of a HEAT dancer seems to have two parts: the part where you’re a HEAT dancer, and the part where you’re not.




Ethan Bortnick

"Pianist, Composer, Philanthropist"

By Cat Wagman


Ethan Bortnick has recently been given the honor of being included among the musicians featured in Esquire’s 80th anniversary issue, “The Life of Man” featuring the pictures of actors, athletes, musicians, politicians and presidents ranging in age from 80 to 1.

DJ Laz:

The "Power" of Giving Back

Written by Ellen Sue Burton


It was Christmas, 2006. The Broward County Professional Firefighters & Paramedics had just finished doing their annual toy drive for the Children’s Cancer Caring Center. The toys were nestled all snug in their locked trailer when they were unmercifully taken by thieves. Pretty hard to imagine that somebody as tough as DJ Laz, who was on the air at Power 96 station for his morning show, had to openly wipe the tears from his eyes as he used his fierce and mighty roar, and his inner pussycat, to solicit contributions over the radio.

Ismael Miranda

"El Niño Bonito de la Salsa"

Written By Francesca Franco


It’s late at night, and a scrawny kid carries a conga as big as himself down a snowy street. He slips, falls on the conga, then slowly gets up, grabs his conga, and starts the trudge up the six flights of stairs to his apartment. So begins the story of Ismael Miranda, legendary salsa singer and pioneer in creating the genre of salsa music, aka Latin Jazz.


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