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Art Spot:

"Gallery Events With A Purpose"


Art Spot is an art studio turned Gallery on occasion, when “art” meets “reaching out”. Begun as a studio by Clara Albarracin, a Colombian seasoned artist, in conjunction with Patty Valero, a Mexican artist in training, the studio would become a place that would reach beyond a regular art class setting and allow its students to expose their art to the community, as well as invite other artists from the area to participate. Their concept of sharing in a synergistic way, to create an enriching experience for all, was so successful that the following year students joined art guilds, were able to be in other shows and held a charity event where students, local artists and recognized professional artists converged to bring a quality event to the community and to create social wellbeing.


Art Spot hosted its first charity event on behalf of Spirituality for Kids, (www., a 501 c-3 with a unique educational program. Children are taught universal spiritual principles and practical transformational tools. With SFK children have the opportunity to learn how to make wise choices and the benefits of treating others with respect, human dignity, and tolerance. This allows them to realize their potential and change their destiny.


This year’s charity event will be for La Ventana de los Cielos, (www.laventanadeloscielos. org) keeping with the idea that what is close to the heart of the students is important to the studio. This non-profit Christian organization reaches out to children and young adults with physical or mental disabilities through a contact with animal’s methodology. This foundation is spearheaded by singer Ricardo Montaner and his family. Their aim is to instill in these children a love for the land and creation, so that they can enjoy life, participate in decision making, learn respect, confidence, happiness, liberty and love.


Their journey has been very rewarding, forming friendships with established artists who inspire as they very willingly share their talent to enrich the Art Spot experience and that of their charities.- DUO

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