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DUO Discovers

Robin White

What have the challenges been for you as an artist? 


I graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration. When I go back and think of barriers I placed on myself while at the University I realize they were all self-imposed. My teacher, a widely recognized artist, told me I had the talent to be a painter for a living and that scared me! I had visions of poverty and ears getting cut off. When I learned of the graphic design program I thought, “Hey, you could get a JOB doing art?” My mom was divorced, holding down two jobs and putting me through college, so I decided I could not afford the “luxury” of being a fine artist. After working 20 years as an Advertising Art Director I am now devoting more time to my artwork.


What is your inspiration? 


I grow as an artist and human being every day when I help my fellow emerging artists. There is no lack in the world, other than what we imagine. That is my message. Everything is possible if we can imagine it. It is within our grasp. Our minds are so powerful, but it all starts with our perception. Our minds can doom us or lift us up. That is our choice.


How do you use your art to reach out to the community? 


As a resident artist of Gallery 101, I have had the privilege of giving back to the community through helping to organize and promote the gallery benefits for Breast Cancer, Pet Project, SOS Children’s Village, The Daily Food Bank, and many others.


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