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Emerging Artists



Give the ladies a great looking sexy young guy with a six pack and a smile to kill and they melt. Give the guy a voice on top of that and you have hungry wolves ready to pounce on his CD the minute it hits the market. And that day is just around the corner. Elijah, rising R&B star, managed by VIP Music, is one of Florida’s latest music success stories with something for everyone. His fresh new style will get you fellas bumping a hard beat, get the lovers romancing to the alluring sensual sounds and will drive the club hoppers jumping to their feet.


DUO (D): How and when did you start your music career?


Elijah (E): A local rapper was in need of a singer, so that was my first door. My career started about 2 1/2 years ago.


D: Who was your inspiration?


E: Watching award shows. Usher and Brian Mc Knight


D: What are some of the challenges you encountered throughout your career? How did you overcome them?


E: Haters, being doubted by my own friends, trying to get my own break. I just fought through the negativity and kept pushing forward.


D: How do you characterize your style and how do you stand out from other artists?


E: My style is similar to Usher and Bobby Valentino. My style and voice have their own sound. It’s diverse.


D: What inspired you to write?


E: Certain sounds and personal experiences. Life in general.


D: How has your life changed after signing a record deal with the indie record label VIP Music?


E:There were sacrifices made, but I have never been so close to reaching my dreams.


D: When are you planning to release your album and what can the audience expect from it?


E: God willing, fall of 08’. Expect a unique sound, incredible music, sexy swagger, and relatable topics.


D: On what other projects are you currently working?


E: Features for artists, shows, but mainly the hit that’s going to make my album stand out.


D: What is your take in the hip-hop and R&B industry nowadays?


E: It has its ups and downs, but music never stops changing. I think people want to hear what they want to hear. So I think the audience is in control of what music, in general, becomes.


D: Do you work with any charities or foundations?


E: Yes, mainly cancer foundations, but I’m willing to do almost anything that’s for a good cause.


D: What’s next for Elijah?


E:Shows, hits, albums! I’m here to stay.


D: What advice you can give to any aspiring artist?


E: Always listen to your heart and go for your dreams! Nothing’s impossible if you believe. – DUO


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