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4th Generation Organic Market

The “Raw Food Remix”

Written by Dwayne Stephenson

The days of Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan foods have finally met their match. The organic and raw food rock stars at the 4th Generation Organic Market and Café in East Boca Raton are returning foresaken taste buds and refilling eviscerated stomachs with their own take on the American & International culinary classics. And the best part is it’s all 100% exclusively organic.


I sat down with Ashley Litowitch, a part of the ownership and the eponymous fourth generation of the 4th Generation Organic Market. She shared with me her awesome story and a taste of her incomparable cuisine. Here are some of my top picks from the delectable track list:


1) “New York, New York!” –“The Vegan Reuben” will transmute you to another day and time… nostalgic of a Manhattan deli in the locus of the city, effervescent and aplomb with the sounds of Frank Sinatra’s“New York, New York” resonating around you. The only difference is that instead of heartburn, indigestion, and despair erupting within seconds of the song’s cessation, you’ll feel conversely ready to “Let the good times roll!”


2) “Hey Mambo! Mambo Italiano!” – “Raw Pizza” Cooking pizza in an oven with temperatures higher than 118 degrees can obliterate the nutrients, leaving you and your meal feeling lifeless. That’s why 4th generation has re-imagined a pizza that both tastes delicious and will nourish and uplift your body. Raw and vegan scallions, cashew nut cheese, layers of enzyme rich zucchini, tomatoes, sprouts, and basil all on an Italian flax cracker. Buonappetito!


3) “Let’s Get Loud!” Raw Sweet Potato Enchiladas In the mood for Latin? 4th Generation is providing a tasty and sensible approach to one Latin favorite, the enchilada. Relish in the sweet, tasty tango of raw sweet potato(great source of iron, magnesium, vitamins B6, C, & D), probiotics, bell pepper, and nutritional yeast all rolled into one rollicking infusion, “Let’s Get Loud!”


4) “What’s Love Got to Do With It!” Take the hassle out of juicing, thousand dollar juicing machines, breaking down, cleaning up. 4th Generation has made juice making a lot less cumbersome and foreboding with an array of juices and smoothies that are always vegan and dairy free, served with a straw and a smile. My favorite is the Green Machine (hemp milk, green powder, macs, vanilla, agave, and banana). For a quick boost, they also have wheatgrass, algae, and lemon ginger shots. “Anything that you can think of that you want to juice, we have it, and not only do we have it, it’s exclusively organic,” says Ashley. “Save the Best for Last!” 


From my experience, this is one of the best organic markets in South Florida. But what makes it so spectacular is not just the raw food; it’s the raw enthusiasm that Ashley and her team provide to everyone who walks in. They truly hope to see their consumers succeed in their journeys, whether it be vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or beyond. Ashley contends that she caters to “Regulars with food sensitivities and allergies who are dedicated to the market and to the green movement who know that there isn’t anyone else out there [100% organic guaranteed, all the time].” But don’t just take her word for it. The proof is in the Coconut Milk Pudding!-DUO


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