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Urayoán “Yoa” Ruiz Panaeque

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Urayoán “YOA” Ruiz, a graduate of Florida International University, attributes his motivation, enrichment, and strong sense of identity to his family in Puerto Rico and Cuba who brought him up to appreciate and acknowledge, with great pride, his Hispanic roots.

Yoa’s work focuses on stretching the boundaries of creativity. Starting as a photo-realistic painter, he constantly felt challenged to try something new. His artistic style has been an evolution that has led him to develop an approach that is uniquely his own.


The true essence of his ‘Signature Series’ reflects music, nature, love, and the positive things in life. His diverse color palette captivates audiences and invites them to come closer. Yoa’s paintings ( are filled with patterns, shapes, and lines that create movement and often lead viewers to look for symbols and meanings. Done entirely freehand, without the use of stencils or projections, the “unique” patterns in every one of his creations is what makes his work so well-received in the art world.


Yoa’s work has been featured in publications such as the Miami Herald and Art Business News. He currently resides in Miami, with his beautiful wife Cathy, where he is continuously working on new projects. -DUO


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