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The words of every song he writes come from deep down in his soul and have made him who he is today: an MC with an awful lot of messages to deliver. And he’s delivering them to the masses.As an opening act for famous R&B artist, Clara, performing in front of 6,000 people, Tyrone, the typhoon, from Orlando, Fl., is blowin’ it up in the music industry.


DUO (D) How did you start your music career?


TYRONE (T): I started writing lyrics in 10th grade. My best friend Ryan taught me how to rhyme. Soon after, I praticed every day. I was making three-pages rhymes. From that moment on, I gained a couple notebooks. Then I met Nick Law and I started. We went to the studio and I recorded my first mixtape.


D:How do you stand out from other artists?


T:Most rappers find a routed an run with it. I am more focused on doing me. Creating different flows and just be innovative in general. I try basically to jump on any beat that’s hot.


D:What are some of the challenges you encountered throughout your career?


T:I have been running into a lot of “yes men” aka “talk a lots”. My songs would have to compete with the 50, Hova, Weezy, and new dudes like Drake. That’s a challenge. However, the game need new faces just like movies need new actors. I will make my music hotter than what they are dropping because just like highschool, I am looked at as a freshmen, but my first day of school will be surprising.


D:How did you overcome them?


T:I got smart overnight. I thought to myself no one can promote me like me so I did just that. I always had a soccer bag full of CDs, presskits, shirts, and flyers. I was everywhere promoting my music. I used to go to the Universtiy of Central Florida (UCF) an hand out my stuff and one day I ran into my dude Matt. He landed me the gig for opening up for Ciara and Fabulous concert last year. It was my first time rocking a show in front of six thousand people with my live band, my hype man, Skitzo, and DJ M-Squarded.


D: When is your album coming out?


T:I am working on that as we speak. It’s called Grind, Hustle, Glory. The album is looking strong. I am working on a serious beat selection so everything I put out sounds crazy. It will hit the streets this summer.


D:What advice you can give to other emerging artists?


T:This is the rule I had live by: never, never, ever, ever be gullible. No one can sell me a dream cause they don’t sleep like me.


D:What is next for Tyrone?


T:My pen have to much work to do. I am about to drop my mixtape single Thank My Haters produced by the Avengerz feat. Michael Stokes and hosted by DJ Wild Child. – DUO


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