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Susan ‘Susie Q’ Wood describes her current artwork as “quantum expression,” a reflection of the energy of life itself – the energy of all things. Her artistry seems to be ever-evolving, much like “Calliope,” her painting that is never-ending.


Like many prolific artists, Susan was always “the painter.” She began painting as a child with coloring books and paint-by-number kits. Early on, she became comfortable with coloring and drawing outside of the lines. As an adult, in the 70’s her paintings were psychedelic, in the 80’s impressionistic, and in the 90’s photo-realistic.

In 1999, Susan took a hiatus from painting to focus her creative energies on being the publisher and editor of the first Broward County edition of “Natural Awakenings”, a healthy lifestyle monthly magazine. Additionally, Susan took on the task of developing and producing the first annual “Expo of Heart”. Over seven consecutive years, the event grew to serve over 2,000 people.


Susan recognizes the co-creative artwork as a way to give back to the community. She participated in events such as, Goin’ Green (Museum of Science & Discovery), Water Matters, Eco-Challenge and Green Expo 2009. She has co-created artwork in Florida, California and Japan. As a member of ArtServe and the Broward Art Guild, she states, “I’m grateful to be able to share my work with so many others in a way that is fun and non-judgmental.”


For additional information about Susie Q’s co-created work or gallery events, visit:

DUO Discovers

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