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Frank and Steve Nieves

Steve Nieves:

"The UnSung Hero Behind The Hero”


Nobody knows what it is like to be the ultimate volunteer than Steve Nieves, older brother, mentor and confidante of Frank Nieves. When brother Jose went off to fight in the Vietnam War,Steve volunteered to serve just to ensure his brother returned to the States knowing that two sons were not allowed to serve simultaneously. His plan, although a truly selfless one, did not work and both brothers continued to serve. Steve, a member of the 4th Infantry, not only was a cook, serving many meals on the front line, but he was also an expert sharpshooter until an injury to his finger sent him home.


In 2008, Steve was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer having evolved from Agent Orange, and he would become one of the first veterans to receive cutting edge treatment. For morethanayearhisrarecancer, Mantle Cell Lymphoma, eluded proper diagnosis until it had reached Stage 4. Being one of only 15,000 known cases in the U.S., Steve, with the support of family, friends and everyone who helped him at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, is now in remission. Spending his days assisting Frank with his philanthropic endeavors and enjoying his four children and seven grandchildren, his wife, Carmen, is proud to say that “My husband is the most generous man I’ve ever known.”

Steve is living proof as to why everyone needs to take responsibility for their own
health. Having gone through his own father’s death from cancer his mission is to spread awareness and education. “What I want people to know is don’t fear the testing. Check yourself regularly, do all the tests. The earlier a cancer is found the faster treatment can begin,” says Steve. “Be positive. Have faith and hope. Life is wonderful and you can learn how to live with it.”



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