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Emerging Artists

Rachel Brown

This stunning Texas native, who now calls South Florida her home, is raising the standards of the music industry with her inspirational and empowering lyrics. With songs about loving one’s self before being able to love another, men and women supporting each other, and messages that reach out to her listeners about the dangers of drugs and violence, Rachel’s fans are not only enjoying her beautiful voice, but are learning to live their lives by it.


DUO (D): How did you start your music career? Rachel Brown (R): I started really early when I was a kid. I started singing in church and I was also in school choruses. Eventually, I moved to South Florida and linked up with James T. Taylor, who is one of the writers on the CD and one of the producers on some of the songs in the album. He linked me up with Gregory Griffin, my manager.


D: Who was your inspiration?


R: My mom is my inspiration. She was a singer. She had a beautiful operatic voice. She pushed me. I always wanted to challenge myself to be like her when I was younger. She helped me get my start and pointed me in the right direction.


D: You said you were a singer in a chorus and had taken music lessons. Were you studying something else? Did you know you were going to be a singer?


R: No. It was something that I liked to do, but I didn’t think early on it would be something I would pursue as a career. I thought I might sing at church, but my main focus was getting my degree in teaching. But once I graduated with my degree and moved to South Florida I began tosing frequently, and I saw how well my performances were received. That gave me the confidence to continue and that really fueled my passion.


D: What are some of the challenges you encountered while recording your album?


R: I found being in the studio under the microscope to be somewhat challenging. It is quite different from performing live. I truly enjoyed it, but being the perfectionist that I strive to be, it was a challenge to be honest and critical of my work without being overcritical.


D: With what charitable organizations do you work?


R: I work with Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies. We just finished a song entitled “From This Moment,” for their Call To Action, which focuses on the immortality rate of black babies. The song focuses on inspiring pregnant mothers to get the proper prenatal care in order that their babies are born safe and healthy.


D: What is next for Rachel Brown?


R: Keep working on promoting the album. We are in the process of marketing the CD “Love, Life, and Relationships”. I want to inspire and empower people, to help them to rediscover themselves, their souls, and to learn to love who they are.- DUO


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