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Emerging Artits

Rachel Brown


This stunning Texas native, who now calls South Florida her home, is raising the standards of the music industry with her inspirational and empowering lyrics. With songs about loving one’s self before being able to love another, men and women supporting each other, and messages that reach out to her listeners about the dangers of drugs and violence, Rachel’s fans are not only enjoying her beautiful voice, but are learning to live their lives by it.

Dorian Allen

He’s Got It All: “Hook, Line, and Sinker”


Born in Houston, Texas, Dorian grew up hearing the “Feel Good” sounds of R&B, Pop, Rock, Gospel, and Soul in every room of his house daily. By the age of two he had completely immersed himself in the sounds he heard, and by age 13 he was a budding singer/songwriter.

Bob Tinsley


Many of us don’t even know what we want todo at the age of 22, let alone having written,produced and performed your own songs,started your own production company andsigned a contract with a major recording studio. It’s no wonder why Bobby Tinsley is becoming hotter than ever!


Davis and Dow


Multi-award winning jazz DUO DavisAndDow describe themselves as soul mates who are two strong halves of one BIG sound. Exploring jazz and pop standards with a daring sense of abandon, they share a style deeply rooted in the classic jazz tradition, but with a playfulness that keeps the music fresh and fun. “Playing music in front of a live audience is an increasingly visual medium. The artist has to interact with the audience and have them live through the music as they experience the song. The connection of the artist and audience is crucial, unlike a recording where it just has to sound great. Live music requires full communication of the musical journey during each set or evening performance,” believes Julie Davis. Her husband Kelly Dow agrees.


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