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Emerging Artists

El Chino Dreadlion


With the rhythm of Cuba running through his blood this singer/songwriter will make you move to the contagious songs of his new album “No Hay Mal Que Por Bien No Venga.” El Chino Dread Lion came to South Florida with a purpose: spread his music and make people happy through the positive energy of his music.


DUO (D) How was your passion for music born?


CHINO (C): My first inspiration was my mother, Mi Lula. She introduced me to art at an early age. Since a kid, I was dancing as a professional on Cuban TV. My uncle was another person who inspired me when he put a guitar in my hand at age 5. I love the fact of making music and watching my family happy. I realize that I am meant to make people happy and I had a spiritual message for them and the whole universe. They are my inspiration and that’s how I make music every single day.


D: How did you start your music career?


C: It all started in an small room in Cuba singing for all my neighbors. They used to ask me: “El Chino, can you sing for us?” Then, in 1996, I started singing professionally with the house Latino group RPM. In 1999 I became part of the Rock and Son band and we worked with the music director Raul del Sol. In 2000 I met the producer Andres Levin who helped me accomplish my dream and start my first solo album. When they heard me in NYC they loved my style. Next year I joined the group Yerba Buena, which led me to a Grammy nomination for writing the hit song “Guajira” in our first album “President Alien”. I also wrote most of the songs in our second album. At the end of 2006, I decided to continue my solo musical career and finish my first solo album, “No Hay Mal Que Por Bien No Venga”.


D: What makes you stand out from other artists?


C: I am a hit-maker and original. I don’t copy any artist and any melody. Thank God, I am El Chino Dread Lion and there is only one.


D: What can people expect from your album? 


C: My album is made with all my heart. People will get a lot of positive vibrations through my songs. The lyrics are inspired by personal life experiences from others’ experiences. They are real urban music; and musically they will get different flavors.


D: What advice can you give to other emerging artists? 


C: Keep focused and make positive music. We are here to make this planet grow in a good way and we are part of that responsibility. – DUO


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