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Dr. Contessa S. Bryant


Dr. Contessa S. Bryant:

Embracing Girl Power Through Education!


T. Alan Armstrong  once said, “If there is no passion in your   life,  then  have  you  really  lived? Find  your  passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you.”  This quote encapsulates Dr. Contessa S. Bryant’s journey as an educator.


A proud product of Miami-­‐Dade  County Public Schools,  Dr.  Bryant holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida earning her advanced degrees from NOVA Southeastern University, a Master of Science degree in Reading, an Education Specialist degree in Educational Leadership and a Doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership. Her  expertise in teaching pedagogy  and reading content led to  a series of  assignments in the area of  reading coach and curriculum support specialist.


Although   she   has   many   years   of   administrative experience, this is her first year as principal of Lenora B. Smith Elementary one of Florida’s most challenged schools. However, she realizes and embraces the fact that, education today has the power to change the course of a family in every possible way. This is not just a deep seated belief; she knows this to be true as the  granddaughter of a woman with a third grade education and the   daughter  of  a  teen  mother. Standing  proudly  on  their shoulders, she does the work as principal with clean hands and a clean  heart. “Working  in  schools   that  service  low  socioeconomic communities causes me to take the work I do in a more serious nature. Educating  children of poverty, inspiring them to achieve,  causing  them  to  believe  in themselves and  to  hope  again  has changed the very  face of  communities. I am passionate about sharing with stakeholders the potential that lie within their work.” And it shows in the programs she has implemented in this year alone which include an Art Club, Science Club, Reading Club, Drama and Music programs Recreation  Room  and  Girls   After  School   Academy.   The  Embrace  Girls  Foundation’s  All  Girl   All  Power!   After  SchoolAcademy  provides  positive  social  experiences,  life  skills,  character  building  training,  academic  tutoring,  and  cultural exposure for young girls with a particular interest in serving those who are at risk. “It’s crucial for girls to understand who are they are, to be confident and ambitious and be inspired by mentors. I embrace that hope for all my students – yes, construction is underway!”


Watch for Martin Amado’s  “Room for Improvement” Makeover of the Embrace Girls Foundation “Glo’s” Room at Lenore  B.  Smith  Elementary  School  on  Friday, April  19, 2013 on WSVN  Channel 7,  10:00pm.  Makeover  sponsored by Herb and Gloria Barker, Barker Animation and Art Gallery

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