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Emerging Artists

Davis and Dow


Multi-award winning jazz DUO DavisAndDow describe themselves as soul mates who are two strong halves of one BIG sound. Exploring jazz and pop standards with a daring sense of abandon, they share a style deeply rooted in the classic jazz tradition, but with a playfulness that keeps the music fresh and fun. “Playing music in front of a live audience is an increasingly visual medium. The artist has to interact with the audience and have them live through the music as they experience the song. The connection of the artist and audience is crucial, unlike a recording where it just has to sound great. Live music requires full communication of the musical journey during each set or evening performance,” believes Julie Davis. Her husband Kelly Dow agrees.


Julie will flirt Betty Boop style as she croons a Billy Holiday classic with the same passion to a little boy, a security guard, or a couple of cuddling teens. The band changes speeds into a samba with the ease and grace of Carmen Miranda to delight all the onlookers.


Fate had the musical DUO meet through a musicians’ newspaper ad. Having moved to Florida to pursue her career, Julie’s mom encouraged her to submit a classified ad for The Rag that read, “Looking for a musician. Singer into Ella Fitzgerald.” Kelly, who was docked for a break from playing on a cruise ship, responded. Julie and her mom met him at an open mic event and were instantly enamored. The DUO performed “How High the Moon” and has stayed together since. As Kelly proudly acknowledges, “I feel blessed to get to play the music I love the most in the world with the person I love most in the world.”


Aside from being deeply in love, what makes Julie and Kelly and the musicians they hire to work with them for percussion, bass or violin so successful is their passion for improvisation and the freedom of expression with their music. They agree that the perfect audience consists of attentive, joyful listeners who are open to the experience and the performing arts in general. “One of the purposes for art is to connect and share with our listeners on a deeper level,” Julie adds. If they are not scurrying around South Florida performing at various restaurants and clubs, DavisAndDow devote their time to performing at benefits for charities such as Kids in Distress, March of Dimes, and The American Cancer Society. One thing is for certain, this dynamic DUO has achieved perfect harmony in their careers, their marriage, and their willingness to give back.-DUO


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