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Emerging Artists

Bob Tinsley


Many of us don’t even know what we want todo at the age of 22, let alone having written,produced and performed your own songs,started your own production company andsigned a contract with a major recording studio. It’s no wonder why Bobby Tinsley is becoming hotter than ever!


DUO (D) How and when did you start your music career?


BOBBY (B): I have been singing and making music my whole life, but I would say my “career” actually started early 2004 with the self-release of my first album “Page 1”.


D:What are some of the challenges you encountered throughout your career?


B:Getting started in music is no easy path. I have had to face haters, people doubting that you can really “make it”, shady record companies, broken promises, and the list can go on and on. Overcoming all of that is a day-to-day struggle; still, however, if you really believe in yourself, you get through the bad weather!


D:How do you characterize your style and how do you stand out from other artists?


B:My style is definitely R&B, but more like the stuff you would hear back in the ‘90’s, Jon B, Brian McKnight, songs that really gave you that “feeling”, ya know. I play guitar and keys live, and I write and produce pretty much all of my stuff. To me, it’s really about the message in the song. I feel like my music can really touch a broad range of people, just from a lyrical and emotional standpoint, so I think that definitely helps me to stand out.


D:How did your life change after signing a record deal with Jean Rah Fya Records?


B:This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, business-wise. I really thank God every day for my label situation, and the type of people that Doug and Jackie are. It’s hard, because, unfortunately, we have a “music-business”, two words that really don’t go well together, but you have to be a businessperson with this stuff. Signing this deal, with everyone from my label to my management, has really helped me be able to focus more on the music side of things, which I am not complaining about!


D:What can the audience expect from your album “What about Bob”?


B:It’s really an emotional journey of my life over the last couple years. Some of the songs I wrote two years ago, and some of them were just recently added; but, all in all, I think people are really gonna love what they hear. There’s joy; there’s pain. It’s really a lyrical ride. I put my heart out there.


D:On what projects are you currently working?


B:Well, just recently, I wrote and produced some songs off of my label-mate Chani’s CD, so that has been a blast! I also am doing some writing and production for a lot of folks behind the scenes, and working with some other production houses that I really respect and look up to, like the Insomniax. I try to stay busy.


D:Do you do charity work?


B:Jean Rah Fya owners Doug and Jackie Christie support the Millionaire Club and the Children’s Hospital, so I’m really looking forward to getting involved in some of that with them. I also have plans to start a foundation of my own, hopefully as I get more known. I have a lot of ideas.- DUO


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