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DUO Discovers

Barry Gross

When did you realize you were consumed by the passion of the creative bug?


I remember being creative at the age of 3. A short time after I recollect living in a dreamlike twilight zone contemplating fanciful stories about magical horses and monsters. This became the journey of paints with emotions and concept.


What have the challenges been for you as an artist?


The most intriguing of all is just to stay myself. With so much family and peer pressure and many years and notches on my belt I began to be myself, use my visions, my colors. With accepting all the guidance from others and intuition, the enormous challenge of the creative self has been unleashed.


What is your inspiration?


That’s an easy one. Life itself! The imagery and intimacy emanates from passions, dreams, and visions. Sensitivity is a grand emotion of life. All the experiences and experiments of life transport creativity to the most provocative arenas. Compassion and empathy with a willingness to bear all expands, all dimensions. Drama, comedy, sensuality and sexuality, fantasy and surrealism lead the procession towards the spiritual and what nature truly is.


What is your style?


Style varies from all mediums. Working on Belgium Linen to handmade rice papers and graphite, oil pastels and oil paints changes the style. Figurative realism is always my penchant with a trifle sign of surrealism. Mixing realism with fantasy is as close to life as you get.


Do you get involved in charity work?


For 25 years I have donated three to five pieces a year to Breast Cancer and other cancers, Aids/HIV and Child Diabetes.-DUO


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