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Lance “Alanza” Clarke

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Lance “Alanza” Clarke, found his love for art at the age of 10. He went on to acquire an Associate Degree in Fine Arts.


Upon matriculation, he became the Lead Artist for Diaspora Arts in Jamaica. He has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and United States displaying his work at art exhibitions and has designed logos and banners for music tours, as well as painted murals. Lance formed Alanza Studios ( in 2002. Alanza Studios encompasses works of fine art and/graphic/creative design services. He is the Founder and Facilitator of Youth “Paint 4 Life” Initiative, an eight week visual arts program designed to educate and expose underserved youth to fine arts, specifically painting. “Paint 4 Life” encourages individual expression and provides youths the unique opportunities to work directly with a professional artist and experience professional equipment and materials. Youth “Paint 4 Life” Initiative has the ability to enhance young peoples’ attitudes about themselves and their futures, and also can increase academic achievement and decrease delinquent behavior. Having Lance in the lives of these aspiring artists is certain a “stroke” of good luck. – DUO



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