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Aaron Bing


Winds of Attraction:

The Sultry Sounds of Aaron Bing


Music is the true magic. Like magnetism it reaches into us and we can’t help or stop our inner eaches from pulling us into that music—that metimes sound is purely nature—other times it is the human use of an instrument that makes nature vibrate with certain sound. One person with magic magnetism in his soul that he uses on his sax is Aaron Bing.


Aaron found his music in 9th grade right in school “my empire” “my journey” as he describes his school experience and the place that shaped his life in its most admirable direction. In 9th grade he was able to start out with instruments the school provided—the clarinet, the French horn, the trumpet. And then he heard some saxophone music and knew it was his calling. He was so moved he wrote his first song in 10th grade, “South Wind” he called it. His teacher was floored. “It sounds professional!”


Bing describes his musical journey: “I was coming up with parents who didn’t have a lot and at school there was competition to be the most popular, for status, to hang or run with the in crowd. My music kept me grounded and rooted– music is bigger than any clique you can run with—I knew I could deal…with stuff. I practice two hours a day religiously. It’s not a chore—I love it.”


Is Aaron Bing influenced? Aaron credits his grandmother and her church association that taught him do right, no smoking no drinking, and the beautiful array of popular jazz artists he listened to –Kenny G, Grover Washington, Boney James. But by 11th grade he had already discovered his own sound.


Unlike them—even the masterful Kenny G, Aaron’s music resonates and trills (even thrills) with glissandosand pitches with sensitivity and/or sexuality. You can feel
the amazing flow of his breath –the range of the softest to the intense–into the music because the music that reaches you is penetrating with its realness. It’s the truth in the feelings that we experience and respond to like magic, like magnetism. Particular past recorded favorites are “Keep It Moving”, and “Joyful”— pieces both sultry and spiritual.

Because Bing’s music is so real, so truthful to his respect of nature, his honorable conduct and recognition of human relationships and the paths of people, his music touches everyone no matter what the musical taste—country, pop, R&B, rap, jazz, easy listening. He does not narrow down to any musical code or regimen, but writes and performs just music—of the people.


A recent trip to Puerto Rico brought Spanish culture and Spanish people to his music. His experiences of the rain forest, Old San Juan, the sunsets, the wonderful people and feel of the Spanish community are transmitted in the music he wrote for his new CD “Rebirth”, soon to be released in conjunction with a benefit.


Benefits are not new to Bing. He was moved particularly by the loving musical response he saw to the Haitian earthquake which brought to mind gospel music of his grandmother’s teaching and upbringing. “Amazing Grace” was the piece he thought of. As serendipity does happen, he was put together with the West Palm Beach Haitian American Nurses, who worked with him to record and produce his own Amazing Grace. Aaron informs that purchases of this CD online provides contributions to HANA. “Anything positive in life should continue…and anything I can do to push it along, to help, I know that’s what I must do.” With his music, Aaron wishes to be able to give musical instruments to schools, or donations to be able to keep the most necessary music and arts programs going. “If I didn’t have music, I don’t know where I’d be.”


And to be sure, Bing’s music will take us all to the most meaningful places. Check him out at:



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